PlottBunnies: A Tale of Revenge and Vindication

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    September 6, 2019 by

    A woman full of corny jokes, random facts, surprises and stupid memes who happens to write contemporary/ historical romances. Diana Ferris is an international and U.S. Bestselling author as well as a recipient of a Hugo Award for Best Related Work on the fan-fiction website, Archive of Our Own. A Peruvian immigrant, she’s been residing… Read more

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Diana Ferris is a Peruvian immigrant, who has been residing in Connecticut for the past 21 years. She’s currently working toward her associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. A woman of many passions, Diana’s interests range from history to anime; from writing to tarot. She is constantly hounded by incessant plot bunnies who are trying to destroy her sanity, all while surrounded by supportive family and friends who lend a helping hand whenever possible, and she’s all the more grateful for it.

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