Miscalculations and Musings for a Mindless Monday…

Aaaaand I’m god damned late AGAIN… *sigh -.-*

However, this was supposed to be for Meme Monday and as promised, here are the memes! Hope you like it.

Now for some news:

Lately I’ve been reflecting on a few things and I realized I’m going to have to implement some very important changes if I want to maintain this blog active. I realize I cannot keep up the excuses for my post’s lateness. It’s ultimately been disappointing for me as I’m sure it’s been to all of you as well.

I had good intentions and excitement when I came up with things to contribute for this blog. As a matter of fact, I was getting myself ready for the posts but life happened and shit just piled on top like no tomorrow. It didn’t feel like there was an end to all the craziness that was happening during my short vacation from school. I thought by adding themes days to this site it would keep me from from the monotony of free days, but alas. life had other plans and since I no longer want to feel like a complete failure and I’m not in the mood to keep letting the few of you who follow me down, I won’t be posting for a while until I have a more settled schedule.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop posting altogether. My posts will be more sporadic than it already is but I promise to peek my head in here every now and then for those who are wondering about the shenanigans I’m always up to. I just think there needs to be more consistent changes within this blog and myself. It’s been getting hard for me to keep myself on task. (Sadly, ADHD will do that to you.)

However, I have been extremely busy and tired lately. It’s been one thing or another and although my lack of energy, health problems, or lifestyle shouldn’t be an excuse it has gotten very difficult for me to keep focus on any one thing at a time. it’s extremely frustrating to post anything when every little task I have is always in the back of my mind. Being dyslexic can also reinforce the stress I already feel whenever I miss an entire word or letter in a word or sentence. Switching the freaking letters can also bring me to tears because I just want to write without so many mistakes for once, but life is hard and I have to pull myself together. It’s hard but I do try my damnest to be a good writer.

Thankfully my depression is being managed so that’s not really much of a problem as it was before, but my health can never be just balanced for once. I have a pretty impressive heart condition that needs to be constantly monitored. Not to mention that my day to day tasks of caring for an autistic child, doing house chores, cooking, and making sure I’m spending enough time with my husband so that he doesn’t feel like I’m forgetting about him can be added stressors. My life has never been easy but writing is my passion. Therefore, I want to focus on that for a while and I hope you all can understand.

As much as I would love to contribute more to this blog I need to step back and respect that I need to heal from my recent surgery and center myself before I can even continue to post contents. I do feel this time away will be good for me to finally break out from my writer’s block and possibly even come up with better content.

I’m very sorry to the few of you who’ve been so wonderfully supportive to this hellhole of a site, but I do need a breather, specially because I have another semester coming up in college. (4 classes is not easy to pull off with my kind of schedule) I do promise to keep you all updated on what changes and, if or when I plan to become more active. For now, I leave you all with my gratitude for the continuous support and love from many of you. I really do love posting, but life is hard and I’m not perfect. Again, thank you all for the love and time given. Hope to see you all soon ❤


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