Representing WOC This Friday

Hello and welcome back you beautiful people!

I’m back yet again for another chance to Fangirl like crazy. Now, I know I’ve been spotty with my presence lately but the Holiday season can and is insane but anyway, I’m back with a yet another amazing addition to my ever growing list of favorite authors/ people!

Of course, I am talking about the incredibly talented Maida Malby!

Image may contain: one or more people and text

She is the real deal, y’all. Her book, Singapore Fling was a top 100 Asian American Fiction when it launched! Her books are sexy, immersive and if you need something to read while on vacation under the sun or at the beach then Maida is the perfect author for you.

Maida is a Filipino, contemporary romance writer hailing and gracing us with her shining personality. She’s a foodie who cooks up the dishes she features in her own stories. Of course we all procrastinate in our own way, but Maida does so in her own delightful way, by feeding the people she loves (Hubby and 10 year old son) with her sweet and delicious baked goods. She calls it procrastibaking. *dang sounds better than my fat ass sitting on the couch watching Netflix while munching on assorted goodies. None of which are healthy*

Having gotten to personally known Maida for some time, I can safely say that she’s the kindest, helpful and all around supportive person I’ve gotten the pleasure to chat with. She’s always the first to get the word out on any story, especially if you’re a new author. There’s always a kind word and a smile on her face to compliment her supportive nature.

So y’all check her out and don’t forget to follow her on the links bellow!

Anyway, thank you all for giving me some of your valuable time and know that I am grateful for every single one of you! I’ll see you all soon ❤


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