Tranquil Wednesday!

Welp, this is gonna be a relatively small post. Not much has been going on, and to be perfectly honest, it’s bizarre as hell for me. But I’m not complaining…

I will start with some memes because I missed meme Monday. I was in the middle of a Biology final and by the time I got home I just couldn’t handle anything else. I spent the whole freaking weekend and earlier that Monday studying like a crazy lady. Thankfully, when I took the test it was a lot easier than I expected it to be. (Thank the sweet heavens!)

Considering I missed Meme Monday, here are a couple memes for your viewing pleasure:

Okay since that’s done, I guess I’ll just let you know the relatively peaceful days, after last week’s train wreck.

To start off, I finally finished this semester and I’m free for about a month. *Happy Dance* I finished addressing a ton of Xmas cards, so now I just have to send them. I gotta shop for freaking dress that I have to wear for a stupid gala. (Ugh, honestly I wish hadn’t volunteered to go all the way to freaking NYC. Why do I do this to myself?! *cries in introvert*) I have to get my freaking nails because they look like shit. I got so anxious during finals that I freaking bit my nails down to the bud!

Image result for girl's hands vs my hand
basically it’s this

So yeah, I feel like I’m killing it at adulting (not really). Anyway, finding the dress is gonna be monumentally hard considering that I’m fashion challenged. I hate shopping on my own! I mostly I get increasingly frustrated, depressed, and basically any negative synonym y’all can come up with because I can’t find anything to fit my body the right way and the florescent lights don’t help the distorted mental image of my body. (I’ll let you know what happens after I find the dress)

Anyway, I digress I’m super excited because now I get some time off to write a story and not a thesis paper! *HALLELUJAH, It’s a Xmas Miracle!* I CANNOT wait to get all my plot bunnies typed down. Not to mention I gotta catch up to all my shows and read more books! 😀

Anyway, this week has started out to be super fantastic and hopefully I can get things done in time. For now, thank you all for joining me, I’ll see you all soon ❤


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